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I have a prescription that costs five hundred dollars for a refill with eight refills. My insurance does not cover this medication. There was no way I could afford it. I was able to get it through Philidor for thirty five dollars. Now they are no more and I cannot afford my medication. I am screwed. Why is Jublia five hundred dollars for a refill? No normal human can afford that. Our whole health care system is a shamble and the drug... Read more

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From the beginning when my doctor referred me to Philidor for an expensive cancer drug, and they worked to get my co-pay down to $35, they were wonderful. After a few months, I was approved for a ZERO co-pay. Fortunately, I no longer need that Rx. I wonder what I'd do if I had to continue after their closing. I kept this vague as I prize my privacy, and I am not a pissed-off consumer. In fact, just the opposite. Limiting competition and... Read more

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Initially had a zero deductible for a monthly refill. It unexpectedly changed to $40 a month, then one month it was $35 and another month something different. No one could give me a reason for this change. When I called this month to refill A recording said they were no longer doing prescription services. When I called my doctor they said apparently they've been closed due to shady business dealings. I would love to get my co-pay back, if... Read more

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I just found out that the company closed quite suddenly. Don't know why. That's why no one can get ahold of them for refills.

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Bad experience. My son was out of medication. I contacted pharmacy and left several messages. My calls were not returned. Several days later, I attempted to contact them again and the phone rang but no one ever answered. The call was eventually disconnected.

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I have been out of my medication for a week thinking that if I left a message that it would of been sent but no! I had to call my doctor to send a new script to another pharmacy and at my local pharmacy it cost me $10.00 verses $35.00 from Philidor so I can see why they closed for good! All I have to say now is that I really hope that the company doesn't reopen under a new name and do the same thing over! I'm not getting burnt twice thou! Read more

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They don't answer phone, or return calls after they've requested that you leave a message. I've been trying to fill a prescription for weeks now. Anyone else having this issue?

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I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get my prescriptions recommended by my dermatologist filled. I received voice mail that they are unable to take the call, gave them a convenient returned time of 3:00 p.m. To date I am still waiting on that return phone call. I have called several times since then and expressed the need for the prescription, but no call or prescription coming. I had no problems with them prior to the first of the... Read more

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So I've been seeing the same reaccuring posts about not being able to get a hold of any one at Philidor. For everyone's information. They have closed down. The business is no longer operating. You cannot place an order for a refill or first fill at all. I was a former employee. I understand everyone's frustration. As an employee they kept us in the dark during the downfall of the company and does not surprise me that no patients were informed of... Read more

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