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Numerous phone calls to try to stop them from auto refilling a prescription.I was assured several times it was taken care of and yet, here comes another unwanted knock at my door from UPS delivering their prescription.

Nothing but a hassle to try to get return labels to send their product back. Shannon even insisted that noon on 9/2 to noon on 9/4 was NOT the 48 hrs. allotted wait time to EMAIL me a return label.

Never again Philador and I'll tell everyone I know to steer clear.I'm going to let my physician know that this service is a scam and to not recommend using it ever again.

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I had the same issue and was confused why they always sent one of my drugs and not the other.I received my insurance statment and realized they were only auto filling the one that reimbursed them the most!

What a scam!You should call your insurance and have them block Philidor!

to Anonymous #1032102

How is it a scam?If they fill your prescription then they deserve to get paid.

Medications are super expensive. They are taking a loss by filling your prescriptions for cheap even though your insurance doesn't always pay nearly enough. So when your insurance does pay a larger amount which again is still less than the medication actually costs then why shouldnt they get paid for it?? Just because you get something for free doesnt mean it is free.

SOMEONE has to pay for it.if not your insurance company (who should be paying for it) then Philidor does.

to ijustcanteven9 #1045660

Keep telling yourself that. I'm it'll all end well.

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