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My dermatologist recommended this product and gave me a RX and a flyer from Philidor. My insurance does not cover this drug.

Walgreens wanted over $600, Rite-Aid, over $1000. Since this has to refilled once a month for a year, I called Philidor. The first shipment cost $75, the second refill was $125 (8ml). Now, they refuse to refill it again because I am on Medicare, even though Medicare doesn't cover it or have anything to do with my previous shipments.

What I don't understand is why produce a drug which is not life saving (toe nail fungus is hardly a dire circumstance) and make it so expensive that no one can afford to buy it?

How does the company make any money on it? If anyone knows where I can get it at a reasonable price, please let me know.

This reviewer shared experience about "craziness of shipping two times and then refusing further refills." and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Philidor Rx Services. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Nipomo, California, United States #1228442

Did you find a source? I found this, it's in Canada for less than $100. My dad gets a lot of medication from here:


Dallas, Texas, United States #1152349

Try to get your doctor to write prescription for generic penlac solution. Most Medicare plan covers it and even if it's not covered cash price is barely 45 to 50$. All big pharmas are rip off.


The manufacturer changed the program. That's not philidor fault.

You're not eligible. Get over it.


When using Philidor pharmacy you have to tell them you have no insurance .. All you would've paid was a co pay of 35 dollars .


Call the manufacturer (valeant) and ask them who is administering their copay program. Then you can get it for the same prices you had before.


i know..

i found carepoint in schaumburg offered it for 381.00-


good luck

my doc just Rx'd me ciclopirox

similar deal but walgreens is 90 and there are coupons online for both


I use one 8ml of the Jublia I can not afford it I remember When I work in the pharmacy the had a nail lacquer call Penlac when it first hit the market it was very high in price like the Jublia .but now it been over ten years so the patent has ran out so it not that expensive I ask my doctor so she gave me a prescription for it I have been using it and I can tell the different.It Ciclopirox(Penlac) Nail Lacquer.

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