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My Podiatrist wished for (Dr. Michael Klein, Oceanside NY) wished for me to start a new medication called JUBLIA.

I am disabled and retired from a large corporation which fortunately allowed ne to retain my prescription drug benefits at no cost to me other than the cost of co-pays for each medication through Express Scripts - the same plan I have been on for about 30 (thirty) years. The Doctor handed me several glossy advertisements from PHILIDOR PHARMACY in Hatboro, PA stating that there was a ZERO co-pay for the cost of this medication. This was stated in SEVERAL PLACES on all the marketing material! The doctor's office also stated to me that they provided all the medical information to Philidor and all I needed to do when I returned from my appointment was to call them with my home address for shipping.

Upon returning home from my appointment I dialed Philidor's toll-free number and was ASSURED by their representative that there was a ZERO co-pay for Jublia. Two days later a phone call from Philidor requested my credit card number so they could now process the $75 MONTHLY co-pay! THIS IS JUST THE OPPOSITE of what was stated in their marketing material as well as by their own phone representatives! I naturally refused to give this company my credit card information, however, I did call my local family-owned pharmacy in the town in which I live.

I explained the situation to my pharmacist (Long beach Chemists - Long Beach NY) who promptly contacted my Podiatrist. Jublia was delivered to my front door within hours - with a mere $35 Co-pay - less than half of the $75 co-pay demanded by Philidor - which markets ZERO CO-PAYS! All this aggravation was completely unnecessary and resulted in my not having the medication for a week while all this nonsense with Phiidor took place.

The relationship with Philidor and Jublia (Valeant Pharmaceuticals) is also unclear and needs to be evaluated. I have retained all the "marketing propaganda" from Philidor/Jublia/Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "fraud" of jublia prescription and associated monetary loss in the amount of $900. Philidor Rx Services needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Yes, I was just informed Philidor will no longer offer the co-pay to refill my Jublia prescription since I have government funded health insurance (Medicare). Instead of $125/ mo, it will most likely now be an unaffordable $500+/mo. We're being screwed.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1066136

I have been hung out to dry by Philador, Jublia, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. After an investment of time, 1 year, and money $75.00 per month, Philador just advised me they will no longer honor my Medicare insuance and my Blue Shield drug plan.

I was refered to my local pharmacy by a Philador agent.

Said pharmacy quoted $596.00 for the refill. This is criminal.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1057644

If anyone reading this board has any information concerning the Philidor/Valeant situation that you feel may be useful, please contact the law office us at truthaboutvaleant@gmail.com The right information will qualify for a very sizable reward. We are particularly interested in anyone who has been in contact with John Hempton, Roddy Boyd, Russell Reitz, Gary Kaufman or Andrew Left or anyone speaking on their behalf. If you have been in contact with them or know of anyone who has, please reach out.You may have been in contact with them and not have known it was them so if you spoke to anyone before 9/25/15, please email us, you may qualify for a very large reward.

to Anonymous #1066138

I have been hung out to dry by Philador, Jublia, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. After an investment of time, 1 year, and money $75.00 per month, Philador just advised me they will no longer honor my Medicare insuance and my Blue Shield drug plan.

I was refered to my local pharmacy by a Philador agent. Said pharmacy quoted $596.00 for the refill. This is criminal.

And, the results of the therapy have been marginal.

Noel Anenberg



Couple of things...

I had trouble with sorting the relation of Philidor and Valeant, at first, also. The operator seemed stilted and kept repeating the same thing as if trained to do so.

She acted ignorant of why Jublia had a separate phone number in order to order it or if that was standard for certain new or more popular drugs or? The manager gave the same run around.

I called the separate Jublia phone number and the operator said that Valeant is the manufacturer of Jublia and Philidor is a mail order company that buys wholesale from Valeant. It seems that the relationship of these companies may have been scrutinized in the past as I skimmed some Google searches.

I don't know beyond that. They are real companies doing what they say.

As for the free Jublia, that REEAALLY sounds odd. It was clear there would be some cost to somebody. Sorting that out was more difficult.

Either the insurance pays for it at an exorbitant(my opinion) cost, people with insurance will have a co-pay of the expensive price, some insurance will pay the full expensive price, or there is a program through Valeant (manufacturer) for people with no insurance of a reduced price of 75.00. Your doctor probably talked down the no-insurance program people and may even have footed the other 35.00 in good faith to you(Unknown).

Also, I found out the efficacy was around 15 - 17% cure rate which is three times a previous medication which then must have been around 5% or a little higher. Not very high rate. I was also shocked that the price was over 500.00.

One amount is for 4ml, the other is for 8ml/ not sure which it was. The prescription was sent ahead of me but it was for a 15 day supply which was even more shocking even if I wasn't paying for it compared to a no-insurance cost of 75.00.

I was also wondering why the dermatologist didn't take a sample of the infected nail to identify the exact type of fungus it was, considering some of the homeopathic cures work some of the time and not others. So why the assumption it's the same kind on everyone's feet?. Also, who knows who was persistent and made sure their remedy was shoved under the cuticle and nail EVERY DAY, which is laborious, and who just put it on top, applied their remedy just every 3rd day, expected unrealistic fast results, etc.

The one blog that made sense, and was straight forward and cheap was a fellow's doctor sanded his nails down CAREFULLY, AS NOT TO PERMANENTLY DAMAGE the nail bed(Not a do it yourself) and the fellow soaked his feet daily in a diluted bleach solution. That effectively got rid of his toe nail fungus. That made sense as the fungus could no longer hide under the nail and bleach DOES kill fungus. This was done under supervision of a doctor so what's with the Jublia?

Now, get this. My GP couldn't do that sand & bleach procedure because of legal reasons(What?) and my dermatologist said they couldn't either as she had never heard of that.

Well, obviously there is a doctor that has. The question is where can I find him so I can get a referral from my dermatologist or they can talk to a doctor experienced in that procedure, which is a heck of a lot cheaper.

to Anonymous #1056389

You should learn how to write more concisely


I have taken Jublia for 8 months with 0 copay. Apparently, the insurance is charged as much as $400 or more for a 1 month supply.

I think that price may be way too high even if Jublia was effective.

In the research trials Jublia was apparently only barely effective (one doc said 16%), and apparently not with thicker larger toenails like the big toe, which unfortunately was my concern.

The shenanigans with copay is that Valeant wants to establish the product so they make their HUGE money off of insurance.

Insurance knows that if rates go up, they can charge more. So who is regulating price?

I am interested in even the 16% effectiveness, just the fee really being charged (insurance + individual copays) seems outrageously high, like it should be $10/month for its minimal effectiveness rather than $400-600/month.


gmslbeach - I'm a reporter with International Business Times looking into a related story. Please email me at o.davis@ibtimes.com if you'd like to speak further on the matter.


If you have government insurance (medicare, Medicaid, tri-care), which sounds like you do, they charge the "cash pay" fee of 75$. It was probably on there in fine print somewhere.


I was informed that my first two prescriptions were free. The first one was free, the second had a $40 copayment.

I did not take it. I called my Dr and told his office. They sent a 90 day prescription to OptumRx, informing me that the copayment may be more. OptumRx did not ship the prescription because it is a fire hazard!

I guess it is a fire hazard for OptimRx but not Philidor. Onto CVS

to Anonymous #1056391

Yeah it's a fire hazard if you put jublia on your disgusting toenails the house goes up in flames without a spark you *** nincompoop


It's interesting that so many have had the same fraudulent experience that the offer of a "free" copay changed only one month after starting Jublia. I called the pharmacy to see when the official date the policy change was and couldn't get a straight answer.

Of course, this is because this change happens to everyone, all year round. It's a bait and switch scam.

What's more interesting are the many comments on this crappy message board defending the pharmacy. Looks like Philador also knows a little about SEO, too, because they are all over this site.

If you've had this same experience, please take a moment to report Philador to the state board. http://www.pharmacy.texas.gov/consumer/complaint.asp


Philidor pharmacy no matter what commercial insurance you have it is a 35.00 or zero copay if you have the rebate. The only time it is 75.00 is if it is a self pay patient or Medicare patient paying self pay. Refills are sometimes 35 or zero and with a 5.00 increase most would be 40.00

to Anonymous #1051367

Hhhhmmmm $75 for Medicare paying as self pay?? That is fraudulent right there!


This message board kinda sucks. That was supposed to be a reply to the Anonymous message on Jul 10 #1006005

Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1019573

Yes, "may" = "may not"...but what if you DID get it for $0 copay for just the first month, then a dramatic increase that costs MORE than your insurance company's mail order pharmacy? With no warning (in fact, I was told it would stay $0 for the year it was prescribed for) and no explanation, my copay went up to virtually the same price as if I walked into Walgreen's, and more than Blue Shield's own mail-order pharm. Of course, I'm just about out, and Blue Shield demands a prior auth from the doctor, and I'm not even sure I want to spend $500 for a year of this stuff when I can just get it treated by laser...


If you have commercial or private ins as your primary your jublia would be $0 at Philidor. The $0 copay card says " qualifying insurance".

Do not blame. Philidor, blame hr doctor for not explaining that. They are not licensed to give out exact copy info.

Just the coupon. Check ur facts and your doc.

to Anonymous Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1019570

As of August 1 (2 days after your post) it evidently is not. I went to renew after my first free month.

The copay is now $40, with no explanation other than "the copay changed".

My insurance is exactly the same, and when I first filled the prescription a few weeks ago no one said, "Oh, by the way, in a couple of days we're going to dramatically increase how much this costs you."

A call to Blue Shield confirms I can get the Jublia at my local pharmacy for only $5 more, or I can use their mail-order pharmacy and pay $10 less per month than Philidor. (Frankly, I think all of these are too high, though.) It would be easier to just stick with Philidor, but I'm so angry at the blatant bait-and-switch tactics that I just can't.

Granbury, Texas, United States #993950

Same thing with zylcara cream



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