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I recently had a script filled for a small tube of cream, they charged my insurance $2,500 !!!!! No wonder they're in trouble, they should be!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of carac cream. Philidor Rx Services needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Yes, the issue that they are currently being investigated for is that Valeant has a stake in Philidor (Valeant, a drug manufacturer that ran up their drug prices to obscene and unjustified levels), and that Philidor was involved in steering customers towards Valeant-branded medications and not suggesting or offering cheaper generics. So a nice little round-robin suck off fest with your insurance money going into their pocket.

Or worse, your actual money. Lovely American "Health Care" system we have.


You're joking, right? They're a PHARMACY, do you know how prescription services work?

Obviously not so let me tell you.

A doctor, or other medical professional sends a prescription to a pharmacy, a pharmacy then gets insurance information from the patient, they then charge the patient's insurance the RETAIL PRICE SET BY THE MANUFACTURER!!! You're *** and are devoid of all human compassion, obviously with your lack of caring how many people lost their jobs.


Carac costs $3,000. I'm willing to bet you paid no more than $35 out of pocket?

That was nice of them.


It's actually Valeant, the manufacturer that sets the prices, not the Pharmacy (Philidor)

to Anonymous #1062774

And Valeant has a stake, if not partial ownership in Philodor.


I work / worked here but it has not been a good experience. It is a very prison like environment .

Mgt liked me but I saw how so many were treated and talked about. A bunch of gosspiers all day long.

The pay was good for the job I did I will miss many, I hope some have learned from this . It's gonna be tough starting over


You don't realize how many people are losing their jobs. Innocent people, who have homes and families to take care of.

We were all innocent in this, we were trained how to work at this place and assumed we were doing good. This is horrible and so many people are now back to square one in searching for a job again

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