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I had been recruited heavily by Philidor and eventually decided to join.They said it was an honest company that wanted employees with values and insisted I would work 40-45 hours per week.

A year into my employment I had averaged 54 hours per week and seen some very shady things. We were not allowed to have any printed copies with the list of pharmacies and NPI's that are owned by Philidor, a week after giving the copies out they came around and shredded them. United Healthcare, Envision RX, Cigna, Humana and Caremark would not process correctly but were pushed through under their sister pharmacies anyway. I ended up deciding to leave to help a family member run their small business and gave Philidor my two weeks notice.

The next day they fired me because "They only wanted people who wanted to be there". They refused to pay out the two weeks I had desperately needed for my pregnant wife and toddler. After seeing dozens of other employees just stop showing up, I thought I would follow the "Philidor Code of Conduct" and show some respect to my employer by giving notice. Even though Philidor is days behind on orders, they chose to bully me into leaving early and not allowing me to finish my two weeks.

After being cheated out of bonuses and promotions this was the last straw, this final sign of dishonesty forced me to write my first review on any company I've dealt with.This is 100% true and I hope you think twice before using and especially before applying!

taylor.geohagan wrote the review because of "unethical to employees" at Philidor Rx Services. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2000 and wants Philidor Rx Services to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was shady behavior. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Philidor Rx Services philidor rx services work experience for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1158009

I was also "dismissed" ubruptly because I questioned a few things. I did not like the environment at Philidor and agree 100% with you about the HR gal Peg Neely.


I dont get this either.As adoc sending scripts to philidor to get the valeant med cheaply to my patients, should I be worried?

The patients are happy to pay $75 rather than $800 cvs might charge them.

Is it illegal in PA?Who loses?


Clearly these guys are doing bad business...what do you mean they pushed through "sister pharmacies"?


Came to this site to research before filling my script. As a potential customer of Philidor, I dont see your input as relevant here.

to Anonymous #1035178

You should.These are the people getting your medications to you and charging your insurance companies and your pockets as well.

So he is very relevant.


You're claiming $2k in losses?There's a false claim right there.

You're posting on a consumer site, claiming consumer loss, and you are, in fact, a former employee. The $2k claim you are referring to, would be compensation, correct? Your bonus you were 'cheated' out of? Then this claim by definition is not consumer loss, but compensation loss, and you are misrepresenting yourself and the facts.

You are making false claims in the same breath as accusing your former employer of the same.

Unethical indeed.Takes one to know one doesn't it?


Did you not get compensated for your 54 hours a week?Did your paychecks bounce or something?

Many in the company don't even get bonuses to be 'cheated' out of.Your comments aren't valid.

Furthermore, this site is a joke, and you coming here of all outlets to vent makes you part of that joke.You've literally come to the illiterate MySpace of consumer reviews to make non-complaints.

Now you're in the company of these other lunatics making jackasses of themselves.

You've seen the nonsense people post here and laughed at them and their ignorance and now you're one of them.Disappointed in you I thought you were better than this.


I was one of the Philidor employees who also left that company.I 100% agree with everything you said.

I was one who chose to leave without saying a word. I would normally give a notice, but I know the way Philidor operates and decided I would leave when it was beat for me.

I figured I'll show them the same respect they show their employees.(None) Good luck to your new job and congratulations on the new baby!



Sorry this happened to you.I can tell you I experienced a similar issue but that they tried to say I did something wrong and when I asked how it could happen and that I wanted proof, I got nothing.

As a call agent, they don't release any metrics unless they want to use them against you.

I've never experienced the complete lack of integrity this company has shown Ober the year + that I was there.I will never encourage anyone to go there.

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